Example 7

In this example we have an item with many different options available with purchase, some even affect its price.

Item description Select desired Upgrades Click to add to cart
ACME Searchtub Size: Tires: Rims:

Note that these are examples of what RTCart software can be made to do.
You can create any layout, use any colors, or web design you wish for use with RTCart.

The code used to create this button can be found below.


<form method="POST" action="//www.rtcart.net/cgi-bin/cart.cgi">
      Size: <select name="APPENDITEMDE01000">
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Size: Small</ul>|||s|||||||||||||||Small">Small</option>
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Size: Medium +$10</ul>|10||m|||1||||||||||||Medium +$10"
                  >Medium +$10</option>
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Size: Large +$30</ul>|30||l|||5||||||||||||Large +$30"
                  >Large +$30</option>
      Tires: <select name="APPENDITEMDE01001">
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Tires: All terrain</ul>|||a||||||||||||||||All terrain"
                  >All terrain</option>
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Tires: Slicks +$100</ul>|100||s||||||||||||||||Slicks +$100"
                  >Slicks +$100</option>
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Tires: Paddle Tires +$110</ul>|
                  110||p||||||||||||||||Paddle Tires +$110">Paddle Tires +$110</option>
      Rims: <select name="APPENDITEMDE01002">
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Rims: Standard</ul>|||s|||||||||||||||||Standard"
            <option value="|<ul style ='margin:0px;padding-left:20px'><li>Rims: Chrome +$50</ul>|50||c|||||||||||||||||Chrome +$50"
                  Chrome +$50</option>
      <input type="hidden" name="AddItemDE01" value="demo|Deluxe Monster Truck 4x4 Tracker |1200|1|DE01|0|prompt|90">
      <input type="image" name="submit" src="../images2/add.gif">

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